No organization is an island: engage with the external users that support your business

Extranets can take many shapes, potentially to support your collaboration strategy with vendors or provide a knowledge base to your customers. Regardless of the need, an extranet is an area that is set up specifically for collaboration and publishing content out to external audiences. Depending on the context and information being shared, extranets tend to have different rules around who can access the site, who manages the access, how they sign up/sign in and what is the lifecycle of the users access.

There are many considerations you need to make when building an extranet which can include:

  • Who is coming into the extranet?
  • Does everyone see the same information?
  • Is there a member database to interface with?
  • Is it invitation only or can people self-register?
  • Who approves new registrations?
  • Is it just the extranet they will be accessing, or are there other systems?

We specialise in designing and implementing extranets to:

  • Streamline the way your organization engages with external users
  • Enable self-service functionality to decrease dependency on IT
  • Empower the business to manage their external users

User Manager is a product developed by our sister company, Extranet User Manager (EUM), that provides seamless external user onboarding and management for Microsoft 365 and custom applications.

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