Teams Provisioning

Define a structure that allows users to work efficiently without hindering their creativity

Do you love Microsoft Teams but notice things are getting out of hand? No need to worry, we have a couple approaches to strengthen how you utilize Teams in your organization and streamline how Teams are requested and created. As the adoption of Teams as a collaboration platform soars, so will your administrative backlog. We encourage our clients to set up for a successful Teams roll out by enabling self-service Teams creation that has the structure to scale.

What We Do

  • Define Teams information architecture with alignment to your business
  • Build custom Teams templates for your organization including:
    • Teams naming policies
    • Default Channels
    • Tabs within Channels
    • Approval workflows


  • Removes the reliance on IT to manage Teams creation requests
  • No more manual provisioning
  • Provides templated workspaces built specifically for your users
  • Enables users to self-service request a Team or SharePoint site

Avoid Teams Sprawl

Teams Provisioning is an open-source common code base of intellectual property created by Envision IT and jointly funded through client engagements. The Teams Provisioning solution enables organizations to set up a structured process for requesting and provisioning a Microsoft Teams Site and Office 365 Group in SharePoint Online.

Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups are powerful productivity tools for modern collaboration, but with default self-service turned on they can also quickly get out of control.

This open-source project maintains self-service, while adding a level of control and consistency. Approvals can only be required for certain types of requests, and power users can be auto-approved. Teams are pre-configured with templated tabs, tags, and channels. Templates are further integrated to support OneNote, Planner, and full SharePoint PnP site templates.

To view the full documentation on this open source solution click the button below to download our whitepaper:

Teams Provisioning graphic

The Open Source Project

Teams / Sites SPFx Request Form Web Part

Enables requesting of new Teams, Channels, Office 365 Groups, and SharePoint sites. There are numerous configurable fields:

  • Divisions
    • Can represent a division of your organization or be renamed
    • Usually has an associated Hub Site
  • Template
    • Pre-set structure of the Team / Group / Site to be created
    • One or more templates can be defined for a particular Division
    • Form can be easily customized through content types for each template
  • Blacklisted titles can be defined
  • Office 365 Group can be created depending on the site template chosen
  • Alias or Site URL is automatically generated
Teams / Sites SPFx Request Form Web Part graphic

Sites List and Logic App Workflow

  • SPFx form submits to SharePoint List
  • Logic App Workflow triggered by new entry in the list
  • Determines if approval is required and routes to the correct users
  • Creates the Team and / or Site and applies the templates
  • Applies any additional customizations through PowerShell
Sites List and Logic App Workflow graphic

A - Z Web Part

  • Supports different site visibility
  • Public sites everyone (except external users) can see
  • Private sites you need to belong to, but can be discovered as an available site
  • Hidden are only shown to people that belong to them
  • Sites can display as an A - Z list, tabs, or a simple list
  • Can be filtered to only show a particular division
A - Z Web Part graphic

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