PSTG Corporate Intranet

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"I Envision... a corporate intranet that allows staff to access all the project information they need and to collaborate securely with each other."

The Client

PSTG is a highly respected, globally recognized management consulting company. With offices in Canada and the Caribbean, PSTG specializes in delivering business transformation solutions to the public sector, government agencies, healthcare, and various private sector organizations. They are especially strong in the areas of program design, e-government, service transformation, business case development, alternate service delivery, and operational reviews. PSTG is proud to be accepted as a member of Innovators Alliance - an organization consisting of Ontario's leading growth firms.

The Solution

As PSTG has grown globally, it become increasingly apparent that they needed an internal site where all staff could have access to client and project information, and where they could easily collaborate. Envision IT designed and built a new corporate MOSS 2007 Intranet using standard out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality. The new site provides a project directory that lists all of the projects and related information, such as start and end dates, project team members, organization, practice areas as well as a repository for project documentation. The site also includes lists and libraries to store and share staff profiles, private areas for HR and management, and social areas for events, news, and announcements.

PSTG Home Page

The Results

  • A simple, clearly defined site that is easy for users to navigate
  • Branding that is consistent with corporate standards
  • Custom access based on user login
  • Powerful search features
  • An intranet that is easy to author and update by non-technical staff