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"I Envision... a quick, easy, and effective method for users to find relevant documents stored in our new portal."

The Client

Mold-Masters is the largest dedicated manufacturer of hot runners and temperature controllers in the world. Established in 1963, Mold-Masters designs, manufactures, and supports a full range of hot runner products, including hot runner systems, temperature controllers, hot valves, and gating technologies. Headquartered in Georgetown, Ontario, Mold-Masters has facilities worldwide employing over 1,000 people, and serves customers in over 40 countries.

The Solution

When Mold-Masters upgraded their 2003 SharePoint Portal Server to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, part of the process included migrating the old marketing portal’s files and metadata to a new SharePoint site. The document library holding all the relevant documents was vast - and users would have difficulty finding relevant documents with the out-of-the box SharePoint search functionality. Envision IT created a custom search interface that allows users to search for documents based on keywords and drop-down lists, providing options that are tied to the metadata columns in the document library. Search results may be sorted by preference - and provide valuable information on document usage and modification.

Rich search capabilities with clearly defined parameters

The Results

  • Rich search capabilities with clearly defined parameters
  • Less time wasted searching for relevant documents
  • More controlled document management
  • Better handling of document modification and versioning
  • A more functional and better organized site, increasing user adoption
Enhanced Search means less time wasted searching for relevant documents