KingSett Capital Intranet

KingSett Capital

The Client

KingSett Capital has $5.2 billion of assets under management and is Canada's leading private equity real estate business co-investing with pension fund and high net worth individual clients where active management creates premium risk weighted returns. KingSett was founded in 2002 and has successfully raised over $4 billion of equity for investment in its Growth Funds, a Mortgage Fund, and a Core Investment Income Fund, each with their own risk/return strategy but collectively responding to the full scope of real estate investment.

The Challenge

KingSett Capital was looking for an intranet as a solution for their document management requirements as well as a collaborative portal for employees. By consolidating all the extensive documents related to their property investment businesses it was anticipated that data would be much more organized and accessible so that staff could find what they were looking for quickly and efficiently. They wanted to increase productivity while maintaining a single version of the truth.

The Solution

In 2013, Envision IT built KingSett's first intranet. Primarily focused on document management, the intranet has become the principal repository for all documents related to their property investment business. Over 300 property sites track all documents related to specific properties including contracts, environmental reports, plans and surveys, tax bills, appraisals, photos, and much more. A strong information architecture with proper metadata tagging, as well as a custom property directory and mortgage directory were key elements in making the site user-friendly and encouraging quick staff adoption. A series of directories and filters now enable staff to search through the documents precisely and swiftly to find the information they need. Custom web parts produce dashboards that roll up related property data, putting this information at the employees fingertips.