Microsoft 365 Maturity and Your Organization


Regardless of your internal use of Microsoft 365, the Envision IT Microsoft 365 Maturity Model is a perfect place to start or continue your usage journey. Whether you are a small, medium, or large organization, the model has a journey and the supports based on your specific organizational needs and drawn up as an output of your individual needs. Even if it seems your organization doesn’t have a journey today, we can set you on the right path, and don’t worry, we’ve seen it all. Our consultants are here to support your organization, regardless of your use of the technology and the path you are currently on.

Reach out to us to begin your initial assessment to see where your organization sits on the Microsoft 365 journey, and remember, the journey is only applicable based on your use and growth as an organization; we won't be critiquing you as an individual. Microsoft's products are to be used in a collaborative way, and we're focused on your organizational success.

We recently completed an assessment for an organization who is using Microsoft 365 in the most basic way throughout the majority of their organization. We noticed right away that some levels of the organization were extremely proficient in the use of Microsoft 365, while other areas were lacking in their use and would negatively affect the long-term journey of the organization.

For complex organizations, measuring the way information is stored and used within Microsoft 365 can be useful in assessing the patterns, strengths, and weaknesses of the organization. For companies using Microsoft Teams, measuring the number of chat messages versus channel conversations can be predictive in determining the future growth path for the organization. Through our partners at tyGraph, we can extract and report on a wealth of information to allow your company to align to a journey that makes sense based on the way you work.

Through measurement and effective use of the maturity model, we were able to set seven objectives for the organization to create constructive feedback and the stepping stones they needed to succeed at an organizational level.

You can assess your organization's use of Microsoft 365 on the Envision IT Microsoft 365 Maturity model today!

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