Our Process

You need partners you can depend on. We leverage technology to your highest advantage. It starts with the “I Envision” process.

Just as important as the technology is the process by which your solution is planned and built. Our process ensures a successful outcome.

Envision IT may apply one of two methodologies depending on the project. One follows the Microsoft Solutions Framework and is similar to a traditional waterfall approach. The other is an Agile/Scrum approach. Envision IT can make specific recommendations on the type of methodology to be used based on the project.

Microsoft Solutions Framework

This process follows the seven phases shown below. With this approach,detailed project requirements are determined up-front. Most projects will involve the creation of an information architecture, wireframes, creative designs, and functional specifications before the building phase begins, although this can vary by project.

Our Process

Agile Approach

The Agile Project Management Process works well in projects where the requirements are not clearly known, the customer is not sure of what they want, and the customer would like to add more flexibility to the project. With this approach, the team works in 2-4 week increments, or sprints, and there are several sprints that typically make up a project.

Agile Scrum

The goal of each sprint is to have the features developed, created, documented, and tested by the end of the sprint. Customers will see working components much faster. The project is inspected daily and at the end of every iteration.This methodology welcomes change and is more flexible, and can deliver solutions in a shorter amount of time as there is no need to have all of the requirements and design completed before the build process begins.​

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